Gourmet Coffee donates $2 per bag of coffee sold to help United Way of Winnipeg

Dear Gourmet Coffee,

I love you.

And I don’t even drink coffee.


Gourmet Coffee Winnipeg

Gourmet Coffee Winnipeg responds to the call!

Wow, after seeing our initial call for support, Gourmet Coffee steps up to the plate and it looks like a home run!

From right now, til the end of the year, Gourmet Coffee is partnering with Reunion Island (maker of super fine coffee) to give $2 for every 12 oz bag of Reunion Island coffee that is purchased – for a sweet deal of a price of only $10 – to the United Way of Winnipeg.

All I can say to that is: Gourmet Coffee kicks ass. Thank you!

Just head down to Gourmet Coffee (1485 Erin St) during office hours (8am-4:30pm) and buy a bunch of bags for everyone you know.

For more details, check here: http://www.gourmetcoffee.ca/blog/2012/12/the-united-way-needs-you/

To other businesses…

Who’s next?

Who’s willing to follow the example set by Gourmet Coffee?

Are you already doing something at your business? Please, let us know so we can share it and inspire other businesses to do the same!

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